Most major gaming peripheral companies have introduced 60% size mechanical keyboards

HyperX releases the first 60% mechanical gaming keyboard scale, Alloy Roots 60. Some big gaming peripheral businesses have launched mechanical keyboards of 60 per cent capacity. In recent years, due to its aesthetics, desktop space saving and portability, this keyboard, which is more lightweight than the fullsize version, has become a trend among players.

Finally, HyperX followed closely at CES 2021, and introduced a lightweight model called Alloy Origins 60. for the first time. While the buttons are smaller than the fullsize edition, they do not inherently have fewer features. Users will find that, after starting, none of them are inaccessible. All keys have auxiliary functions, which can be enabled by holding the function key down and clicking it.

This is not the first time the HyperX name has been worn on a 60% scale keyboard. Previously, the company partnered with the passionate brand Ducky to produce a limited edition product called One 2 Mini. This time, the publication of Alloy Origins 60 also follows the same shape as the previous partnership. The keyboard has a USBC port attached to the computer. Up to three configuration files can be stored in its onboard memory, which can be stored on the keyboard itself or by HyperX. Windows 10 Flipping Program. The application can also implement some additional functions, such as customizing LED lighting and setting your own macro commands for the keys.

HyperX said the keycaps on this new keyboard are made of PBT, indicating that in constant use they are less resistant to oil and handwriting.

On February 22, Alloy Origins 60 will be available in the United States, valued at $99.99. The Pulsefire Haste wired gaming mouse, Cloud II wireless gaming headset and Cloud Pistol 7.1 wired gaming headset will also be announced by HyperX during CES 2021.