Mozilla upgrades the design for Firefox

Mozilla is making a feature change for the Firefox browser called Photon, according to international media outlets. Firefox’s last big architecture change was in November 2017. The update was Firefox 57 at the time and was renamed Proton. A divisive address bar modification was recently launched in the stable version of Firefox 75.

As for the data on design changes, it is limited. As a guide to track modifications, Mozilla created a tracking error on Bugzilla. The name of the tracker contains details about the components, but there are no models or screenshots posted on the web. This knowledge will be refreshed. There are:

Address bar for Firefox and tab bar;

Firefox main menu;

To Infobars;

The Doorhangers;

Menu Pop-up;

Box modal.

Most user interface elements are listed in the tracker. Mozilla plans to release a new design in Firefox 89, which is scheduled to be released in mid-2021-May 18, 2021. Since development work is still in progress, the release may be delayed.

Sören Hentzschel revealed that he had seen several versions of the Firefox Proton. The creation is already in its early stages, according to a post on his German blog. To build different versions, Mozilla used numerous designs. It is uncertain if they would be picked and ultimately used in Firefox.

Hentzschel pointed out that it would look more modern when the Firefox design is completed, and Mozilla still aims to introduce other useful enhancements, especially in terms of user interface.

Hentzschel also listed two examples of future enhancements to the user experience: a model that shows vertical tabs in compact mode and a model that displays tab groupings on the tab bar.

Firefox will offer specification changes early in the production version. To allow Proton, Firefox users running versions of Nightly, Beta, and Production can need to do the following:

Enter and load about:config in the address bar for Firefox;

Make sure you can be careful

Check for browser.proton.enabled;

Configure the TRUE preference to allow the design;

Restart the browser with Firefox.

It should be remembered that if you want Firefox Nightly to make design changes available, you will have to wait for weeks or even months.