Musk recently used three little pigs to highlight his new brain-computer interface technology

Company “Neural Connection.” His long-term goal is to accept the “Superman Intellect,” Via the brain-computer interface, enabling humans to understand the machine. Perfect oversight.

Some people claim that interface brain-computer technology has a wide range of applications and the future “Money scene” is wide-ranging, so we need to grab the trend. Yet 360 Group president and CEO Zhou Hongyi poured cold water.

Zhou Hongyi said on the “ISC Night Talk” broadcast not long ago that Musk ‘s technology is equivalent
Open a “Pandora’s Box.”

I firmly condemn the comprehensive use of interface technologies for brain-computer systems: “People should, in his opinion, limit the use of brain-computer interfaces and allow them to be used in clinical situations
Medicine for the care and support of many people with disabilities and mental disorders, for patients and others, but the brain-computer interfaces are “a horrible occurrence” in the broader human world.

“If humans are compelled to adopt potential brain-computer interfaces, those who do not wish to install them
So they’re heterogeneous. When you link to the brain-computer interface, it will always be your brain-computer interface
Just be online, not offline.

If no signal exists or the company does not provide you with services now,
You belong to someone who has credit list issues. What kind of world do you think that’s going to be? “That’s why, in Zhou Hongyi ‘s opinion, brain-computer interface technology needs realistic implementation
Creating new technology for the human environment. Ethics and the current legislative structure.

Zhou Hongyi said this is also a major problem for cybersecurity companies around the world.
Since the protection of brain data will become a new proposition once the human brain begins networking.

Technology is a two-edge sword. Besides emerging developments like the brain-computer interfaces, even we need a “secure bargaining chip” like a healthy brain.

Recourse Musk’s brain-computer business: “climax” the public, calming the industry when the excitement fades, let’s take a look at Musk ‘s new “brain-computer interface” highlights and slots
Experiment, what is the standard in China in this area and whether this time Musk plays gimmick, or after Tesla and Space X Can the world “change” again later? Entrepreneur, Who is Musk’s ‘big to improve the planet’ beneficiary?

Indeed, more than one businessman in related fields said this time Musk isn’t a technical breakthrough. If it is a development, it is the education of public consciousness first and foremost.