NASA intends to join forces with Nokia to build 4G services on the moon and eventually transition to 5G

Sunday, October 18, 2020, 10:27 GMT

News from IT Home, October 18 Soon, there will be no reason for astronauts on moon missions not to respond to text messages.

NASA has recently awarded 14.1 million US dollars to Nokia to install a wireless network on the moon. This grant is part of a US$ 370 million contract signed to advance space exploration research and development under NASA’s “Tipping Point” selection scheme.

IT Home has heard that the strategy for Nokia is to develop a 4G / LTE network and ultimately move to 5G. This will be “the first LTE/4 G communication system in space,” according to NASA’s statement. “The system will enable communications on the lunar surface, with longer lengths, faster speeds, and better reliability than existing requirements.” The statement also read.

More specifics on Twitter were provided by Bell Laboratories, Nokia ‘s development arm, and the company plans to use the network to support the lunar rover’s wireless operation and navigation, as well as streaming content. The architecture of the network is lightweight and effective and “specially built to withstand the intense space conditions of temperature, radiation and vacuum.”

In the live stream, NASA said the network will be expanded to spacecraft and help improve moon-suited technologies. In the live broadcast, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that while there is no detailed timeline for this mission to become a reality, it is all to help NASA ‘s aim of setting up a moon-based lunar base in 2028.