New chip simulates reality to the point of “predicting” the future

A recent study presents a new computer chip that should be the fastest and most powerful in the world to be able to predict the future.

13:00 GMT, Friday, December 4, 2020

A computer chip that is expected to be the most powerful and fastest ever made has been invented by young scientists. Its extreme speed will also cause it to “predict” what in a given situation could happen. But at a speed that beats even the laws of physics.

A research released in pre-print on A rXiv introduces this new chip and bears the signature of scientists belonging to the start-up Cerebras Systems .

At an online conference on supercomputing, they declared their formation . The chip, referred to as Cerebras CS-1, comprises 1.2 trillion transistors and is large in dimension. It is a square of 21 cm on either side that currently matches the equivalent of a refrigerator into a device. A system that scientists will soon start using thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, especially deep learning, to enhance results even further.

This new chip is a system whose performance, whatever the amount of CPUs and GPUs they may depend on, can not be reached except by the most efficient supercomputers in existence today. It also runs 200 times quicker than the supercomputer at Joule.

The latter is one of the world’s most powerful, with a total of 16,000 cores using Intel Xeon processors with 20 cores for each chip. Joule took 6 milliseconds, Cerebras just 28 microseconds, to measure the combustion processes of an engine . An abysmal differentiation. This is because a total of 381,276 processor cores can be counted on this new chip . In addition, in order to run even more faithful simulations of reality, the researchers expect to use their chip to train new neural networks.