New network Security update & bugs fix for Verizon

Verizon reveals that exploring Quantum Network technologies would help ensure network security

Verizon is increasing its quantum computing research testing and the operator agrees that the research can help protect the security of its network. In a pilot a technology called quantum key distribution has been successful function in Washington , DC, so Verizon is now going to try it nationally.

Quantum computing could solve some computational problems
Problems which the conventional machines can not solve. The most famous is that conventional cracking can happen techs for encryption. However, Verizon is exploring another way, using quantum computing to secure those
Connections encrypted with network.

Quantum key distribution is a technique that is more advanced than quantum computing, allowing all parties to share
Encryption keys used to keep communications secure. A main component of this technology is the detectability

If someone else wants to join, as well. Nicki Palmer (Nicki Palmer), chief product growth officer at Verizon said:
“Quantum-based technologies will boost data protection today and tomorrow.

Verizon’s experiment involves real-time encryption and synchronization between two positions of the video streams.
Quantum keys are created and shared on a network of optical fibre. Verizon said this technology would work

Detect hackers straight away. The QKD network uses photon quantity to get cryptographic Keys for stopping eavesdropping.
It also uses a generator of quantum random numbers to produce the encryption keys continuously.