New patent shows that Apple is developing a Surface-like detachable Macbook

An revolutionary hinge mechanism that allows the device to be removed from the keyboard is used in the Microsoft Surface Text. The monitor assembly has its own battery, but without a keyboard, it can operate independently, depending solely on touch input. Apple will explore a similar approach and launch a new MacBook design, featuring a multi-roller hinge mechanism and a possibly detachable panel, according to a new patent discovered by Patently Apple.

Apple’s patent sketches may appear to suggest that the firm is working on a new version for the MacBook that would be fitted with a hinge inspired by the hinge featured on the Surface Book by Microsoft. Supporting a detachable panel is the key value of this form of hinge. Apple will render the show removable from the screen and effectively transform it into an iPad.

Like the Surface Novel, this show includes the hardware required and can operate independently, depending entirely on touch data. Of course, for the time being, this is just a patent and there is no certainty that such a commodity will reach the stage of mass production. There is no question, however, that Apple is considering a large-scale overhaul of the MacBook, which would more or less lose its edge in the market with new devices that allow several forms of input, in particular the typical notebook computer design. Apple has apparently been absolutely quiet about the nature of this new MacBook.