New Problems in IPV6 reported in Japan

Friday, October 30, 2020, 15:09 GMT

Errors often occur when accessing the Web after adding an IPv6-compatible internet link thread. The condition steadily worsened after that. After restarting the router, the website vanished. I figured that the router was the trigger and it was fixed, but it didn’t go anywhere. The supplier figured out an unlikely reason after that.

In ISPs, etc., the adoption of IPv6 is advancing slowly, but there are still few instances of deployment in general businesses. However, if requested by the client, integrators and others need to create a network using IPv6.

An IPv6 compliant internet link line (hereinafter referred to as the IPv6 line) was then implemented in-house by integrator Udick in Nagoya. There are still no consumer requests, but this is to obtain familiarity with IPv6 support. I encountered an unexpected problem with this IPv6 thread, though.

Udick is an integrator whose primary clients in the Tokai/Japanese area are small and medium-sized companies. In October 2019, difficulties arose within the company’s network. An error often occurred while visiting a website on the Internet via the IPv6 line added in the same month, and it was not seen.

Since I left the Internet link line that supports IPv4 (hereinafter referred to as the IPv4 line), it didn’t hinder my business. The website was seen by reloading the web browser even though an error happened.

For this cause, the inquiry into this issue has been delayed. The condition gets worse day by day, however, and as mentioned later, it will lead to major problems.