New Product from Facebook !

Facebook and Ray-Ban collaborate to produce smart AR glasses expected to be available in 2021

In a live broadcast on Wednesday local time, Facebook said the organization started equipping hundreds of workers with high-tech glasses to capture what they saw and heard, and testing the realistic use of Augmented Reality Technology (AR). By blurring names and license plates, Facebook vowed to protect public privacy.

Facebook said that it will send specially qualified personnel and contractors to wear high-tech glasses to capture video , audio, distance and eye tracking data beginning this month. The director of Facebook AR had vowed to protect bystander privacy. While doing research, the firm blurs both names and license plates and keeps staff away from “important places” such as bathrooms and meeting rooms.

The glasses, known as the Project Aria, was developed to learn how to cope with issues of ethics and privacy before the introduction of real AR devices and to gather a lot of data behind the goggles for training the artificial intelligence system. The project seeks to “find the best model of anonymity, protection and regulation,” Facebook said.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) has announced the company’s introduction of next year’s “smart glasses” designed by Ray Ban.

The Facebook AR director said: “The data will be filtered until the data we publicly gather is used for analysis, and individual faces and license plates will be blurred.” Both testers can be conveniently found by dressing, much like a car drawn on Google Maps. He added that Facebook will provide external organisations with US$ 1 million in funding to research how to deter AR glasses from harming people who do not wear glasses, including vulnerable communities.

Three front cameras and seven directional microphones are fitted with the glasses used in the Aria project. Two built-in cameras will monitor what the wearer is looking at, with an accelerometer and gyroscope set to measure the wearer ‘s head location.

A venture capital company partner said that mitigating privacy issues is important for AR products. Apple is designing a related scheme as well. “The AR technology that receives the acceptance of customers not only relies on who has the right technology. The greatest benefit of Apple is that it might be the only company who customers can trust when it comes to privacy concerns relevant to wearing AR glasses. Technology firm.”