New Vulnerability in Samba

Friday, October 30, 2020, 20:17 GMT

Samba is a free software package from the Samba team that can link the UNIX operating system series with the Microsoft Windows operating system’s SMB / CIFS network protocol. The program facilitates the exchange of printers and the transfer to each other of data files. Samba has security gaps.

The SMB1/2/3 protocols have a “ChangeNotify” concept, where a
The client may request notice of the file name on a directory handle when a directory handle is a Conditions such as “new file formation” or “change in file form” or “change in file size”
“Update timestamp” happens.

A missed permission search on a requested directory handle
ChangeNotify meant that a directory manage client was only available for
It was easy to use FILE READ ATTRIBUTES (minimal access rights) to gain
Adjust the server ‘s notice of responses. These responses contain answers
Data that should not be visible to the open directory handles for

Patches that resolve all of these concerns were posted to:

Samba 4.11.15, 4.12.9 and 4.13.1 have also been released as
Security releases to rectify the flaw. Administrators of samba are
Advised to update or add the patch to these releases as soon as


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