News said Apple is developing or is designing a custom 64-core ARM chip

Apple’s self-developed M1 ARM chip has sparked heated debates since releasing three Mac product lines using 5nm Apple Silicon last month. It can be expected that we will see Apple Silicon with greater core requirements in the future. Earlier, there were reports that the company’s expected number of high-performance ARM chips had reached 32 cores. But the latest news is that a 64-core version could already be being produced by the company.

@LeaksApplePro wrote a cryptic tweet on Twitter on December 28th. It is not difficult to infer that it is a part of Apple’s Apple Silicon family, but there is no direct connection.

The 5nm M1 chip used in the 13-inch MacBook Air / MacBook Pro / Mac mini that was on the market only uses an 8-core architecture as a guide, but it has an impressive ratio of energy consumption.

It was said that the previously speculated 32-core chip was designed for the upcoming Mac Pro . Moreover, the computer is said to be just about half the size of the Intel Mac Pro.

If Apple is able to advance the 64-core Apple Silicon production smoothly, the smartphone product line is unlikely to follow it. As for the facts, there is still time to be checked.