Nokia is planning to break into the market for notebooks and tablets. There are currently nine models ready

Nokia aims to restart producing under its own name for notebooks and tablets. She has secured a certificate for nine computers at once, but only in India so far. In 2009, she attempted to take over the notebook market and began making tablets in 2013, but this was not a success.

08:19 GMT,  Monday, November 30, 2020

The return of computers from Nokia
In the near future, tablet computers and laptops may appear in the global market under the Nokia name. As the GizmoChina portal reports, nine such instruments have been accredited at once by HMD Global, which holds a license for the manufacture of equipment under the well-known Finnish name.

The Bureau of Indian Standards has accredited HMD Global for these gadgets (BIS). Only their model numbers, which do not provide an indication of either their characteristics or the date of their availability on sale, were known at the time the material was released. How many of these computers are notebooks, and how many are tablets, is still not known. Even the release of alternative versions has not been ruled out so far – for example, with a touch screen opening up to 360 degrees or a reversible hardware keyboard.

Why India’s
Nokia does not mention why it is accredited in India for its new laptops and tablets. Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time in this world that her new gadgets come out first.
In December 2019, for the first time in 30 years, Nokia returned to TV output and unveiled a 55-inch Smart TV model with Android TV 9 Pie built-in firmware. It was developed with the involvement of the Indian Flipkart electronic trading platform and went on sale only in India in the first phase.

As reported by undercode, Nokia’s 2020 model year of smart LED TVs instantly took it to Europe. Maybe with tablets / laptops she will do the same and will not be confined to India alone.

Accessible experience
Nokia currently has expertise in manufacturing both notebooks and notebook computers, considering the fact that it is perceived to most as a maker of cell phones and smartphones. Another thing is that for years she has not been interested in this –