NVIDIA, a processor in the “zero trust” era, strongly appeals DPU

NVIDIA (NVIDIA) of the United States is promoting a processor named DPU (Data Processing Unit). The company’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, gave a keynote speech at the “GTC 2021” developer conference, which has been held online since April 12, 2021, with the new DPU products and product roadmaps, as well as supercomputers that use DPU. Computers and other products were announced. He claims that DPU would play a key role in the “Zero Confidence” security measure, which is founded on the idea that “nothing is trusted,” including terminals and contact contents. DPU is positioned by the company as a new tool in the server market’s growth.

Mr. Huang of NVIDIA preaching the importance of security measures

DPU is a processor that handles software-defined networks, storage, and security, reducing the burden on the server’s CPU. It is based on a product developed by Mellanox Technologies in the United States, which was acquired by NVIDIA in April 2008 and released as a DPU in October 2008.

Although zero-trust protection mechanisms are expected, the computing load associated with security is rising. He discusses how processors like DPUs have become increasingly important. NVIDIA’s cloud-based game delivery service “GeForce Now” was listed as an example. Not long before, the service’s top priority was to cut down on wait times. But now, according to Huang of NVIDIA, “protection is paramount.” GeForce Now now has almost ten million supporters from 70 nations. DPU is said to play an important role in ensuring that such a vast number of people have access to stable and secure facilities.

Overview of BlueField-3

Following this explanation, the “Blue Field-3,” the most recent DPU offering, was released, with a sample expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2010. The arithmetic processing efficiency has been enhanced tenfold from the new “Blue Field-2” that is now shipping. The arithmetic processing output of BlueField-3 is 1.5TOPS, according to the keynote material, and the value of “SPECint,” a benchmark for integer arithmetic, is 42. It was 0.7 TOPS and 9 TOPS in BlueField-2, respectively.

The British Arm CPU core “Arm Cortex-A78” (16 pieces) and an encryption processor acceleration are included in the BlueField-3. There are 22 billion transistors in the world. From 7 billion BlueField-2, it has more than tripled. The software development kit (SDK) “DOCA SDK 1.0” for DPU was publicly launched along with the announcement of BlueField-3. The BlueField blueprint was unveiled during the keynote. In 2012, the next-generation product “Blue Field-4” will be announced. The only difference between BlueField-3 and previous versions is that it has a GPU. There are 64 billion transistors, 1000 TOPS of arithmetic processing performance, and a SPECint value of 160.