Official announcement: Nova 8 series of Huawei, see you on 23 December

IT Home News on December 14 Huawei publicly announced today that it would officially launch Huawei’s nova8 series models on December 23. I’m going to take the shot and create a narrative about “me”

IT House posted that the digital blogger said that Kirin chips will be fitted with Huawei nova 8, with a starting price of about US Dollar 458.55, and Huawei nova 8 Pro starting at about US Dollar 611.40, and will be launched on December 30. Sell. Sale.

Of course, it is not expected that the Huawei nova 8 series will be fitted with Hisilicon Kirin processors, but only with some versions that are expected to have MediaTek Dimension models or other Kirin models.

It was previously announced that the Dimensity 700 chip is about to be launched by Huawei.

In the upper left corner, the latest phone uses a 6.5-inch FHD + 60Hz resolution LCD single-hole screen, a front lens of 16 million pixels, and a rear lens of 48MP+8MP. The four-camera combination of +2MP+2MP and the built-in 4000mAh battery supports 40W rapid charging and is expected to be one of the nova 8 series models from Huawei.