Official website data for the National Bank PS5 launch countdown has been revised

The long-awaited National Bank PS5 edition is arriving soon.

Recently, the official Playstation China website has finally made the Bank of China edition of PS5 available, but some browsers will prompt error messages while logging into the official Bank of China website.

The National Bank edition of the PS5 host and accessories also passed the audit from a knowledge point of view. The present page reveals three games, “Original God”, “Cosmic Robot” and “Hardcore Mecha” in terms of games.’

If you click on the information tab, however you will find that the official Playstation website reveals that the PS5 launch date has not yet been decided in mainland China and will be released at an appropriate time.

Earlier news sources reported that Sony would reveal the National Bank’s PS5 data on December 18. While there is currently no public announcement of any related events, as the official website has been made available online, it should not be that far from being published. In addition e-commerce businesses will start selling national PS5 edition consoles in January, according to insider sources.