On the morning of 28 August, the share price of Xiaomi Group increased by more than 10.7 percent at 23.65

Hong Kong dollars, and their market value surpassed Hong Kong dollars 570 billion.
On the same day, Xiaomi heard from The Paper News reporter that Xiaomi would officially manufacture mass smartphones
Equipped next year with 3rd generation sub-screen cameras.

Xiaomi Group has risen by more than 118 per cent since the beginning of the year, becoming a “doubling warehouse”
That emerged in March from the low of 9.2 Hong Kong dollars.

Xiaomi argues that its technological solution for the third generation under-screen camera may well cover the front camera unde
R screen without affecting the full screen display effect, without the visual obstruction of digging water droplets and holes, making perfect The full-screen shape becomes a reality.

This technology is conducive to executing Xiaomi’s high-end cell phone strategy. Currently, Xiaomi issued a semi-annual financial report for the year 2020. The ASP in the second trimester of 2020 Xiaomi smartphone products increased by 11.8 per cent year-on-year (as opposed to last year’s same period),
Starting with the focus on Xiaomi ‘s advance to the high-end market.

“they have gained a strong foothold in the 5 G mobile industry, and have also entered the market at the same time

High end smartphone business. “Xiaomi Group President Wang Xiang said after the release in a media call of the Chapter on Economy.

Xiaomi’s sales reached 53.5 billion yuan in the second quarter of this year, an rise of 3.1 per cent year-on-year
And a quarter-on – quarter rise of 7.7 per cent (from the previous quarter); adjusted net income was RMB 3.4 billion,
A decrease of 7.2 per cent year-on-year, but a 46.6 per cent rise month-on – month.

Nearly half of Xiaomi ‘s sales actually come from overseas markets, and the second quarter is the peak time
Of outbreaks abroad. However, with the phasing-out of limits on business activities in different forms

Regions around the world, an average regular activation of Xiaomi smartphones in the overseas countries in July 2020
Prior to the January 2020 outbreak, the markets surpassed that point.

In a research report published on 26 August, Pacific Securities analyst Chen Tianjiao said that, analyzing the
Overall success in the first half of the year of Xiaomi’s cell phone company, he believes the many facets of business worked well: 1.

Gaining a foothold steadily on the mid-to-high-end market.
The Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition published on 8.11 has performed well, driving the company’s ASP to slowly grow, with RedmiK30Pro and Xiaomi 10 in the Jingdong 618 flagship

These are the top two sales on the Jingdong website for 5 G cell phones. Shipping to the overseas market Q2
High-end cell phones valued at more than 300 Euros rose year-on-year by 99 per cent; 2

Participation in the European market has expanded, paving the way for a rapid growth in the future of the overseas Internet industry.