Once again, Google was bombarded by members of the US conference, : re-monopoly on top of monopoly

Local time Tuesday, U.S. senators on both sides confirmed at a Senate hearing that Google’s Alphabet clearly dominates the search, online video, and advertisement technology industries. The business performed compulsive practices of monopoly. Own companies benefit from this position in the industry.

“Google controls YouTube and search, all of which are monopoly platforms; you control a vast amount of user data coming from customer-facing platforms-Gmail , Google Maps, G Suite, etc.,” said Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley, “And you use that data in advertisement technology, which is your benefit. All seems like a monopoly on top of a monopoly.’

The US Department of Justice and State Attorneys General also posed concerns about some of Google’s business practices, including how Google uses discounts, limitations, and bundling schemes to attain marketers and publishers using only Google products while unlawfully excluding rival services. Objective.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut said that rules should be developed as a business platform to preserve neutrality between buyers and sellers and auction the services offered equally, but Google ‘s actions “Unacceptable.”

Don Harrison, president of Google ‘s global partnership and corporate development company, said Google doesn’t necessarily dominate the market it works in, and Google might be at the forefront when it comes to all forms of general searches. Rank, however when performing product queries and other commercial searches customers are more likely to use Amazon’s service platform.

Harrison also said that several companies have also done more effectively in terms of advertising technologies, these businesses succeeded very well, which shows Google did not hurt the rivalry.

Given that Google is subject to antitrust complaints from U.S. congressmen, state attorneys general, and rivals, in the coming weeks the U.S. is likely to do so. The Justice Department will bring charges against Google.