OnePlus 8T devices are suffering from a serious error reported several times by users. Here’s what happens and how to fix

The computers of the OnePlus 8T family are suffering from a significant error recorded in the official forum multiple times by users. The focus of the controversy is on a topic that occurred posthumously with the November 2020 patch installation that implemented the fix for a variety of protection and functionality holes. Oxygen OS problems have escalated since the development of Here’s what’s going on with these computer users.

OnePlus 8T: user interface that is affected by a devastating upgrade
The new OnePlus update released by the developer in recent months is causing the owners of the 8T models of Chinese phones quite a bit of trouble. It seems like both in the exclusive mode and throughout the videos being played, the audio material is repeated intermittently.

Video production takes place in fits and starts to reduce the phone to a kind of pricey paperweight. Users report the failure to experience digital content that happens within a few seconds of resuming playback due to nerve-wracking delays.

At the moment the parent corporation has not formally solved the problem that afflicts more and more consumers who are clamoring for an invaluable remedy. Luck has it that an alternative approach that goes by the use of the energy saving mode has been developed by a team of users. The bug also appears to be overcome by supplying the OnePlus stock program for the use of audio recording and playback features.

We may position a piece of it in this way and continue to use our phone to watch videos and listen to music. We await a formal announcement from the organization that may interfere in the release of an appropriate solution to the issue in the short term. For more information, join us.