OnePlus 9: a concept available at an insane price on eBay

Despite not being unveiled yet, what seems to be a OnePlus 9 concept has been sold at an incredible price on eBay.

Soon, the official debut of OnePlus’ latest top of the line is absent, but what has happened in the last few hours is very weird and ridiculous. What seems to be a prototype of the new OnePlus 9 was actually sold on the famed online marketplace eBay at an insane amount.

The OnePlus 9 prototype sold for $6,000 on eBay

Numerous live images of the supposed top of the OnePlus scale have been released online in recent weeks. Today, however, on the well-known eBay online store, the smartphone depicted in these images has been found. It was originally offered as a $3,000 price tag, but the retailer removed it later and then re-entered the terminal, which was ultimately sold for as much as $6,000.

Obviously, though, this product is not the actual OnePlus 9, but it is just a prototype and the company may decide at any moment to deactivate it. “In fact, in this respect, the seller has taken away all responsibility and wrote: “I am not liable for the cancellation of this phone by OnePlus or anything that could happen to the phone after the sales time. When you order it, you accept these terms.

It was probably an odd and insane occurrence, in short. In reality, never before had such a thing happened. However, waiting for the official launch, we remind you that OnePlus 9 will be the Chinese manufacturer’s first smartphone fuelled by Qualcomm’s top-of-the-range processor, the Snapdragon 888 SoC, whereas up to three photographic sensors can be counted with regard to the photographic module.