Online fortune-telling is investigated by CCTV: touching porcelain with high technology and researching psychology is “money”!

Seen that more than 20 days remain, 2020 is about to come. One thing that individuals are really worried with at the end of the year is if something beautiful will happen to them in the new year.

Due to the current crown pneumonia outbreak, particularly this year, everyone’s jobs, research and life have been more or less disrupted, which makes people look forward to the new year. Different network fortune-telling” sites started to go online one after another at this point. Is it that easy really?

“A “big case of using superstition to commit fraud” was declared by the People’s Procuratorate of Zhungeer Banner of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The survivor of the case, Ms. Wang, suffered from a long-term illness that contributed to unsuccessful feelings and profession, and fell into depression.

She was idle and didn’t have to do anything. On an online social site, she saw a live stream of “Fortune Telling” and added the other group as a friend, and regularly bought from him at high rates things such as “exorcism talisman” and was frustrated by more than 2 million $US. The defendant in the case has recently been charged according to the statute.

“Is “fortune telling” or “fortune telling” network divination?

Speaking of online fortune telling, numerous fortune telling services such as character test, name test, personality test, heart test, luck test, and marriage test abound in WeChat, smartphone applications, social media, live streaming networks, and video platforms. There are so many people who pretend to see palms and faces using artificial intelligence technologies.

Citizen: Moments were shared by colleagues, and others saw them. We assess the future, test their character, and test them.

Reporter: Are they usually played by family and friends?

Citizens: Yeah, yes, and everyone only considers it enjoyable if you see it.

Reporter: Have you done a test of this kind?

Citizen: I did it It’s funny, but it’s funny, I think. We also clicked in to take a look, particularly that familiar friend who plays. This involves testing what your mood is correlated with and what you want.

Citizen: Yeah, it appears to be the one in the middle with a missed word. I just had a look. I haven’t got the time to research it. I gotta look at my kids.

Citizen: Doesn’t your fate rest on yourself if you don’t believe in these things? Do people really think this destiny is destined? Young people have no idea how to believe it.

To calculate fortune-telling and network divination, how much does it cost?

Do people really believe in “fortune telling” stuff like that? This is what we want to inquire, in truth. The reporter logged into a quick video site to find the solution and searched for “divination” as the key word. The findings revealed that the detailed ranking first was a short video that forecast potential emotional patterns using tarot cards, which earned 315,000 points in total. Like, 63,000 tweets, 22,000 reposts, all right.

The reporter unexpectedly proceeded to inquire. With a record of 395,000 likes and almost 90,000 views, another short video that uses the Tarot card to test marriage has more likes. The other short videos reported by this account also include predicting when your income will be promoted and boosted, as well as predicting your wealth in the coming year, etc., each with a high degree of focus.

Of course, there’s no lunch in the world for free. If you want divination, first of all you have to pay. For starters, you need to pay 348 yuan in order to forecast your fortune in the coming year. The video publisher claimed that it was appropriate to purchase “Lucky Citrine” at a price of 368 yuan and specifically sent the reporter a QR code for the payment when the reporter shared his intention to make a fortune.

Fees are related together. How do vendors invest their money slowly?

Do you think that with this $300-odd, you will get all the so-called fortune analysis results? You’re so naive, then. All network fortune-telling takes a sequence of interlocking routes in terms of payments. There was personal experience with this reporter.

The reporter spontaneously clicked on an official WeChat account named “AI Palmistry Facial Analysis” and uploaded an image of the face with full and unobstructed features, transparent facial features and no glasses, according to the prompts, and started witnessing the so-called “phase face” artificial intelligence. It only took less than 30 seconds to show “Report generated” on the page, similar to ordinary face recognition, but if you want to get it, you need to pay US Dollar 1.51.

This is just the first payment phase, since several individual records are still included in this study. For eg, you need to pay 0.44 US dollars if you want to get the “nasal analysis” study.
“career fortune report”career fortune report,
Similarly, you will need to spend 3.03 U.S. dollars if you want to get the “emotional fortune report”

AI Palmistry Facial Examination”AI Palmistry Facial Analysis”
Reporter: In one day, how many can be measured?

Account director ‘AI Palmistry Face Analysis’: There are thousands of users a day, and there are more people, thousands of people, going to the official account. We have an income of roughly 5-6,000 a day.

According to the account records, the account had been registered and worked for 15 months as of the day of the reporter’s inquiry. Data on its page reveals that the so-called “career fortune report” alone was bought by 12,301 individuals during this time.

How can “fortune-telling” trick money and attract more money by not fulfilling the account?

Were you surprised by this mad money-making thing? But what I want to say to you is that for those online fortune-telling accounts, that is, hiring officers, there are other more lucrative activities. What’s happening here?

Account operator ‘AI Palmistry Face Analysis’: You can’t do anything without promotion networks, and by depending on your mates, you can’t earn any revenue. We owe you permission for a partner to speak up. If you put a guy to the test, how much money we can give you, the higher the 90% of this kind of share we can give you.

You have to move from “ordinary member” to “senior agent” or “partner” if you want to receive a higher percentage of commissions. Correspondingly, you need to pay a 15.14 United States Dollar or 30.44 United States Dollar
upgrade fee, which is also the case with online divination accounts as the primary source of revenue. Furthermore, it is especially careful that the marketing articles written in this form of account, such as ‘Distinguishing the Faces of Van Fu Ming and Ke Fu Ming,’ often extend the so-called goodness and fatalism of women and are full of bigotry and derogation from women. As for certain marketing posts, the account operator said that the production is accountable to a dedicated journalist.

Account operator “AI Palmistry Facial Analysis”: You should clone our one.

Reporter: But it sounds like copying and pasting in particular. You don’t believe that.

Account director “AI Palmistry Facial Analysis”: So you can just edit it yourself.

Reporter: You say that you are all made up of the ones in our official account, right?

Account operator “AI Palmistry Facial Analysis”: Yeah, we have a special person here who wrote it, i.e. I saw something similar on the internet.

Account director ‘AI Palmistry Face Analysis’: Indeed the sum of visibility is still there. The more individuals watch, the more individuals operate (the more money it makes).

He learned that the account had been blocked when the reporter reviewed it the next day.

Ms. Rao, the person in charge of WeChat: In fact, every day we crack down on and uncover those illegal accounts. We use a mixture of detection of a computer and manual analysis, and if we locate one we can block one.

How does “fortune telling” correspond to high-tech porcelain?
Fortune-telling has also modified its presence since joining the new Internet era as a long-existing superstition practice, which has started to soak up the heat of technological growth. Facial recognition fortune telling, AI intelligent fortune telling, etc., under the umbrella of high technology, defrauded the confidence of many people.

No theoretical foundation for “fortune-telling” exists.

The secret to the survival of a market for online fortune-telling lies in catching the certain psychology of people in addition to the requisite technological means. So what kind of psychology is it that makes certain individuals love telling fortune?

Zhang Xin, Associate Professor, School of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, University of Peking: In fact, the online and offline modes of fortune telling are similar. They are all to fulfill some of the fortune-telling individual’s psychological needs. In our psychology, there is a term called the feeling of power, which is an avoidance of ambiguity. A lot of our thoughts, or a lot of this kind of life pressure, come from the fear of the future.

According to researchers, people prefer to explore the reasons in the face of complex stresses. Psychology splits them into external and internal attributions, which, respectively, relate to the external world and their own persona. Internal attribution can quickly add to resentment and decrease self-esteem. External attribution can ease the anxiety of individuals and help adapt their attitude to deal with changes. This is the use of psychology by fortune tellers as well.

From a few tarot cards, to facial recognition and AI look at pictures, network fortune-tellers hit porcelain high-tech and dig into psychology with what we have just seen really clearly. Internet divination, you want to make your fortune known, but your wealth is what he needs to do.

Source: from CCTV