Opticom forms a business alliance with Netflix and develops a pack plan with optical line service

On November 26, 2020, Opticom Corporation announced that it had formed a business partnership with Netflix (Minato-ku, Tokyo), which operates the Netflix video streaming service. “eo Hikari Net 10 Giga / 5 Giga / 1 Giga Course Netflix Pack” will be introduced as a new package to experience Netflix with the “eo Hikari Net” personal optical line service with this business partnership from January 16, 2021. Over. To do.

16:01 GMT, Thursday, November 26, 2020

image source: shutterstock

A collection of eo Hikari Net and Netflix regular plans are provided by the Netflix bundle. The price was set at a discount of 0.96 United States Dollar per month compared with the case of individual use of each contract. It is said that this is the first project by Japan to provide a pricing package that allows customers to concurrently enjoy optical lines and OTT (over the top facilities.

We’re going to launch a 1200 yen monthly fee discount promotion for up to 12 months for new plan applicants. It is 67.48 US dollars a month in the case of the “eo Hikari Net 10 Giga Course Netflix Pack” so if you pair it with other campaigns, in circumstances such as new apps, it would be 32.33 United States dollars a month (up to 12 months).

K-Opticom clarified the benefits of connecting fixed optical lines and OTT networks at the press conference on this day, saying, “By combining with eo Hikari Net, the whole family can move smoothly even if they are connected to the Internet.”