Orbx launches a new “Microsoft Flight Simulator” plug-in kit in Paris

In “Microsoft Flight Simulator” there are several unique landmarks for Paris, but they are not especially notable. Orbx, a maker of third-party plug-ins, is trying to solve this problem. The developer recently announced that a new plug-in kit is being created by their TrueEarth team that will significantly enrich the landscape effects of the Paris region in the game. This should be the right compliment to the Paris Orly Airport plug-in kit released recently.

Paris is the capital of France and, for the past 300 years, has been one of the main political, financial, economic, design, research and art hubs in Europe. Paris will be featured in ” Microsoft perfectly displayed Flight Simulator” as a stunning, chic, bold and romantic city.

The legendary Tony Wroblewski leads our TrueEarth team and has incorporated 200 points of interest (POI) and 15 high-detail POIs. You can get up close and discover while retaining superior efficiency with these carefully picked POIs.

The ideal balance between consistency and efficiency was achieved by 200 medium detail poi. They encourage players to catch, without affecting results, the nature of the unique architecture of the city.

In “Microsoft Flight Simulator” other enhancements, such as night lighting, custom scenery and custom corrections, render the city full of vitality. “