OS and BI partitions disappeared

Radical changes have taken place in the new classifier of domestic software.OS and BI partitions disappeared Radical changes have taken place in the new classifier of domestic software.

Monday, November 2, 2020, 9:39  GMT

The Ministry has released the final version of the Russian Software Classifier that will be included in the Domestic Software Registry. The paper has changed a lot since the preview publication in June 2020-the number of parts has reduced, while the number of grades, on the other hand, has improved.

All Russian software is now divided into more than 100 classes

Licensed Classifier

A final version of a Russian program classifier has been approved by the Ministry of Digital Science. Document No. 486 of 22 September 2020 entitled ‘On the approval of the Electronic Device and Database Application Classifier’ was released on the official legal information site on 29 October 2020.

In contrast to the provisional edition, the final version of the classifier has undergone major improvements. Now it consists of 11 parts and 111 classes, while there were 97 classes in the preliminary edition, located in 13 sections. Many of the grades and divisions have been merged and some have been replaced by new ones. Some of them vanished without having a replacement.

In December 2015, the release of an early preliminary version of the Russian Program Registry Classifier was announced. It was intended to become, from the very beginning, the base of the domestic software registry used by officials in public procurement, which was released in 2016.

Major inventions
The “Operating Systems”, “Market Research Systems”, “General Purpose Application Applications” and “Information Systems for Addressing Particular Industry Issues” sections are no longer included in the final classification. However, the things “Office software” and “Tools for data processing” emerged.

Embedded System Programs: BIOS, UEFI, and other embedded system programs; Embedded System Programs-Operating Systems; Embedded Application Programs; Applications for the Internet of Things, Robots and Sensing. The Firmware portion currently contains four classes instead of three with entirely different names:

The Machine Software division has expanded from 7 to 12 classes, integrating with the discontinued ‘Operating Systems’ section, but it has dropped a number of former classes at the same time. “Disappeared from the list:” Drivers and Utilities;” “Desktop Operating Systems;” “Workstation Operating Systems;” “Embedded Operating Systems.

The following groups have been applied to the Information Protection Software section: “Means of securing channels of data exchange, including by cryptographic methods”; “Tools for monitoring access to information resources”; “Backup tools”; “Means of detecting and/or preventing intrusions (attacks)”; “Tools for detecting threats and investigating network accidents”; “Tools for handling network incidents”

“With the retention of the previous classes, the fourth segment” Data management tools “got a new one:” Systems for preventing review and retrieval of executable software code.

Additional adjustments
“Additional classes were received in the section of the classifier” Applied Software:” “Search Tools;” “Project Management Tools;” “Geoinformation and Navigation Aids (GIS);” “Specialized Software of Russian Executive Bodies, State Corporations, Companies and Legal Entities with Russia’s predominant participation for internal use;” “Contact Center Management Tools;” “Conversational Robbery Controls

The following classes are included in the current “Business Applications” section: “Information Managers”; “Contact Apps”; “Office Packages”; “Mail Applications”; “Organizers”; “Viewers”; “Browsers”; “Multimedia Editors”; Presentation Editors; “Tabular Editors”; “Data Editors”; “Electronic content management program.”

No improvements have been made to the “Linguistic Software” section, and a new section has been added to the “Technical Software” section while keeping both groups-” Means of automatic machinery operation. A new class-” Tools for unified monitoring of end machines “has also been obtained in the segment” Management structures for operational processes. The majority sat there untouched.

The classes “Geographic information and navigation systems (GIS)” and “Specialized software of the executive authorities of Russia” were removed from the section “Systems for processing and visualization of data arrays”. They were transferred to the “Applied Software”.

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