Paragon launches the most recent patch of the Linux NTFS file system

Paragon Software Corporation aims to integrate their previously publicly usable NTFS drivers as one of the unexpected capabilities of the Linux kernel in 2020. Read-write support and more sophisticated features are supported by this driver. It is stronger than the mostly read NTFS driver in the mainline kernel and is also more mature than other drivers based on FUSE. While this driver hasn’t come to the mainline yet, at Christmas, Paragon launched a new patch.

In order to include Paragon Software’s NTFS read and write GPL approved driver, the 16th version patch is used. Paragon Software has periodically rolled out new patches to fill in missed functionality and fix developer concerns since the release of the initial code in August. The v16 patch’s LZX/Xpress compression form is adapted from the NTFS-3G plug-in code. Instead of the global spinlock, each compression form now uses mutexes and realizes the punching and folding range bits and the NTFS file system Decompression support.

It is possible to locate these new NTFS Linux patches via the kernel mailing list.

The Linux 5.11 merge window will be closed this weekend, these patches were not sent as pull requests, and developer input has not yet been done for the v16 update this time. The new NTFS driver will not be integrated in this way until Linux 5.12 at least. It can be seen that upstream developers are not eager to merge them, especially where it is important to ensure that its stability exceeds the current and simple NTFS kernel driver.