Past telephone operators: a dip in the history of the Wind

The Past section of Telephone Operators is back again today. This time, with another historic operator’s story: Storm. In reality, for many years, this company has been one of Italy’s most important firms. It no longer exists, at least not in the terms we understood it to be. Here is his story in the post that follows.

This is the story of Wind Telecommunications Operators of the Past,
Wind was established in 1997 thanks to an investment jointly with France Télécom and Deutsche Telekom by Enel . We can always recall Mike Bongiorno and Fiorello’s numerous advertisements, which have long been a success in Italy. Not to mention the Busta Rhymes ‘I Know What You Like customer service jingle .

image source: atlasobscura

Wind plays a key role in the history of fixed telephony, in addition to being important for mobile telephony. In specific, the company appropriates Internet access and mobile telephony with the name InWind, first referring to the fixed telephony hegemony of Telecom.

Enel acquired Infostrada via a series of procedures and integrated it into Wind in 2002. The business acquired many customers at that time, even touching 24 million. When Enel sells all its shares, Wind becomes fully Italian the following year. With the eventual takeover of the shares by Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian tycoon eager to invest in telephony in the Mediterranean Sea, the business continued for a few years.

Nowadays, however the Wind Business no longer operates and gives way to WindTre, a merger that became legal in 2016 with operator 3 Italia.