Pay-as-you-go hosting facility, on-site, cloud-like accessibility from Hitachi

On December 9, 2020, Hitachi, Ltd. announced that it would begin offering the “Hitachi pay-as-you-go data infrastructure solution.

” The organization will use the storage built in an on-site environment on a pay-as-you-go basis. “The idea of a modern IT system that realizes usability like a public cloud while retaining high security and enforcement in an on-site environment” is explained by Shiori Inoue, Chief Engineer, Products Service & Solutions Group, IT Products Division, Hitachi, Ltd. The deployment is completed in as little as one week and the cost is the same as the public cloud.

image source: hitachivantara

Prices are separately cited. The “minimum fee (fixed)” and “metered rate (variable)” constitute the consumption fee. The minimum fee is calculated in advance prior to installation, including storage resources, consulting personnel, and repair and maintenance costs for hardware.

For the power used that reaches the minimum charge, a pay-as-you-go charge would be incurred. Confirmation points of success, such as the end of the month, are fixed in advance and the billing volume is determined on the basis of the capability used at the time (Masakazu Ozaki, General Manager, Products Service & Solutions Division, IT Products Division, Hitachi, Ltd.).

Prepare different facilities for installation, building, and management of storage. Through choosing the appropriate choices from the menu catalogued in advance, users can understand cloud-like accessibility. “The tasks such as virtual disk allocation and backup settings are handled by a ticket system,” said Inoue. According to their specifications, organizational framework, capacity, and so on, users will make decisions.

“Two versions were introduced to the company’s “Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)” storage product on the same day and midrange flash storage models “VSP E790” and “VSP E590” were released. The Hitachi pay-as-you-go data infrastructure systems are available for both goods.

VSP E790 reached 2.2 times the highest throughput at the time of deduplication, relative to the traditional commodity ‘VSP F700’. “We have improved the processing performance by automatically switching the processing method according to the access characteristics of the data,”We have improved the processing performance by automatically modifying the processing method according to the access characteristics of the data.