PE8110 E1.S, an 8TB enterprise-class SSD hard disk from SK Hynix, is mass-produced in large quantities

SK Hynix announced the launch of mass production of a new generation of enterprise-class SSD hard disk PE8110 E1.S with a maximum size of 8TB on April 15th, local time. The certification was finished at the end of March, and the products were sent to consumers in May. In June 2019, SK Hynix released the world’s first 128-layer 4D flash memory, as well as a new generation of enterprise-level hard drives with a range of features, based on this flash memory. The 2.5-inch SATA is SE5110, and PCIe comes in three flavors: M.2, E1.L, and E1.S.

The read speed of the PE8110 E1.S series is 88 percent faster than the previous generation of PE6110 series hard drives that use 96-layer flash memory, and the write speed is 83 percent faster.

The PE8110 E1.S hard disk has a maximum size of 8TB and can hold 2000 movies. It can write 4GB of high-definition movies in 1 second.

In other ways, the PE8110 E1.S hard drive’s capacity has soared, but its power consumption has remained unchanged, its energy usage has improved, heat generation has been minimized, and the warranty term has been increased from three to five years.