Phil Spencer, Director of Xbox, has been named Gaming Person of the Year 2020 by international media

Foreign media also recently named VGC the 2020 Gaming Character of the Year. Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, received this honor. VGC said that Xbox is thankful to an organization that places gamers first under the leadership of Director Phil Spencer.

VGC said that Microsoft planned to purchase ZeniMax Media, the B agency’s parent corporation, for $7.5 billion in order to make the game content available on Xbox first. In the ongoing third-party exclusive video game, it is hard to picture the drama of putting heavy IPs like Fallout, The Elder Scrolls and Doom under one’s own roof.

This also demonstrates that tremendous success has been accomplished by the unity between Phil Spencer and Microsoft. While the B agency can release the new game masterpieces “Starry Sky” and “The Elder Scrolls 6” on other platforms, this is in the Philippines. Xbox, the first community on Xbox under El Spencer’s guidance, sounds like putting gamers first.

The Xbox console family’s real killer is not any game, but their Xbox Game Pass streaming service, which offers a “Netflix-style game” style portal that provides incredibly cost-effective games for players.