Phishing attacks based on the Oscars ceremony’s theme are in full swing

The 93rd Academy Awards, which has become a hot topic due to actor Yoon Yeo-Best jung’s Supporting Actor Award, is the target of a phishing attack, according to reports. Attackers are allegedly mass-producing victims using multiple similar keywords and stealing personal information such as passwords as a result.

Before the Oscars, moviegoers tend to see more of the work of the stars who will be nominated. I’ll set my own standards after gathering as many works as possible, and then enjoy the awards ceremony. Cyber criminals are well aware of this pattern, and they have repeatedly targeted it.

“Before the Oscars, there are several places that screen Oscar nominees for free, and when you finally log in, you show them the first few minutes of the movie and then invite them to register to continue streaming,” according to security firm Kaspersky. It’s been said. “In some areas, a phony payment machine is installed to force credit card details to be entered. Of course, just money is spent, and the film is not seen,” he said.

The film, which was nominated for an Academy Award, is also used to spread malware. Over the last year, Kaspersky’s investigation has discovered more than 80 malware files linked to Oscar’s Best Film Award nominee. Three films in particular, which are mentioned below, have been heavily exploited.
1) The Black Messiah and Judas (27 percent )
2) Inspiring Young Lady (22 percent )
3) The Chicago 7 are on trial (21 percent )
These three films are responsible for 70% of all Oscar-related malware dissemination.

Furthermore, several Oscars have been used to spread ransomware.
1) The Nomadic Land (14 percent )
2) Mr. Mank (6 percent )
Buttercup (#3) (5 percent )
4) The Daddy (3 percent )
5) The Metal Sound (3 percent )

“This form of attack is very widespread,” Kaspersky’s threat analysts said, “however, with the recent trend of streaming platforms such as Netflix, the trend is steadily declining.” “Aiming the mindset of people who want to watch content for free was the secret to these phishing attacks, but things are getting easier lately with the arrival of cheap subscription services.”

In this context, the increased presence of cyber attackers targeting the Oscars demonstrates that “public interest in foreign events remains high, and therefore the number of cyber attackers who targeted them remains high.” Still, according to Kaspersky, “this tendency can be steadily minimized.” “As streaming platforms’ security improves and their success grows, the act of seducing people with fake videos will become less successful in the future in terms of attackers.”