Phoenix has implemented a control system to monitor the company’s IT system

The device made by Santirti provides all technical systems with a control system. Centrity Organization and the Phoenix Information Technology Division team have worked out the deployment project. The project’s scale is expected to be hundreds of thousands of shekels .

Sunday, November 22, 2020, 13:50 GMT

In the information technology division of the firm, the Phoenix insurance company has successfully concluded the project to incorporate the AIOps platform of the Century company, amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels. The aim of the system is to track and calculate, using a central platform, the availability of all the technical systems in the company. It also makes it easy to provide real-time updates about the availability of the company’s customer facilities that are at the heart of Phoenix’s business operations.

‘By significantly decreasing the number of control systems and replacing them with a single system that enables complete management of all equipment, applications and communications components including modern and innovative technology that have been integrated in recent years, the introduction of the Centerty system has resulted in great efficiencies,’ said Shlomo Shamai. Of Phoenix Information Systems’ CEO and VP.

The appraiser added that the system provides flexibility and operational ease that allow both IT people and senior executives in the organization to measure at any given moment the state of business services provided to the company’s customers and allow early detection of faults in order to maintain high business availability.”

Centrity CEO Roy Keren said: “We thank Phoenix for the trust placed in the unique technology of Centrity and are proud to be a key part of one of the largest financial companies in Israel’s control system. “The system of Santirti is able to accommodate a wide range of emerging technologies while stressing the level of business and supplying the organization’s managers with added value.