Pixel 5 device volume issue is resolved by Google, the shutter sound effect is no longer noisy

Google has addressed the device volume issue that affected several Pixel 5 users as part of the January update. When the computer was launched in October 2020, several users on Reddit and Google’s official support forums complained about unnecessary device volume. For instance, Pixel 5 users will still be noisy or scared by the overly high shutter sound when the user takes images or screenshots, even though the total device volume is set at a low level.

Other updates, such as enhancements to the automated brightness correction technique for Pixel 4a / 4a 5G and Pixel 5 versions, were also implemented with the January 2021 Pixel upgrade. A full list of “important fixes” is given below:

Google said that all Pixel android devices running the Android 11 operating system are being moved for related updates. The real OTA push time, however, depends on how plans are made between operator partners.