PlateStation 5, Sony’s mainframe manufacturer, was forced to change its name

Sunday, November 1, 2020, 15:25 GMT

While several gamers, not all players prefer all white machines, have started to look forward to PS5 consoles. The call for the PS5 to have more color matching as soon as possible has never stopped after the official launch of the console. Many players like black, and for various games , players like to see personalized designs.

As we mentioned before, a third-party company called PlateStation 5 started to manufacture personalized shell products after discovering this requirement. As it is possible to uninstall the PS5 shell, you can buy a new shell directly to replace it. The company’s goods are still in limited supply, and I just hope that it will be possible to launch the next-generation console as planned.

Today, since their trade marks are too copycats, this business has predictably drawn Sony ‘s interest. They could only adjust the brand name, which is now called CustomizeMyPlates, after Sony took the arrow. Fortunately, the panel will continue to be sold, and now more items have been released, such as offering custom black skins for PS5 DualSense controllers and skins for Xbox Series X controllers, only to update the name.

In other words, it will be able to release more of itself after the business has changed its name. It is no longer limited to the availability of Sony products, but it will no longer use the term copycat to hit PlayStation porcelain for marketing purposes. In this way, players who do not know the facts should also state that there is no formal connection between this business and Sony.

As for the product, if the player is not pleased with the product, CustomizeMyPlates promises to trigger a refund, but the potential replenishment period of the current product is not yet clear.

Sony did not publicly disclose at the same time whether it planned to produce an official PS5 shell or to sell other color-matching consoles. We have seen a black DualSense controller in the previous discovery video, if it’s real, it means there could be a matching black PS5 console as well. But first of all, the validity of the news is questionable, and before finalizing the white host, this could also be Sony’s prototype.

The PS5 console will be officially launched on November 12.

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