Pluton Processor is launched by Microsoft to include new Windows PC security features

The Pluton security processor was launched by Microsoft today, adding safety enhancements to future Windows PCs. In collaboration with AMD, Intel and Qualcomm, Microsoft developed this new Pluton security processor. This new protection processor would dramatically improve attackers’ difficulties in accessing the device.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020, 12:15 GMT

It further strengthens the ability of Microsoft to avoid physical threats, prevent hacking and recovery from device bugs, and avoids theft of passwords and encryption keys.

By creating a protection valve directly in the CPU, the Pluton architecture reduces the risk of communication channel attacks. The Pluton architecture is used to simulate Windows PCs first and operates with current TPM and API requirements. This helps clients to take advantage of improved TPM protection features, such as BitLocker and Machine Protect, instantly.

Low angle view on a blue padlock made to resemble a circuit board and placed on binary computer code.

Pluton-based Windows devices are used for protection of passwords, user identity, encryption key and personal data via Pluton security processor. The intruder cannot even remove this information from Pluton, whether it downloads malicious software or assumes the complete physical ownership of the PC. This is accomplished by the safe storage of sensory data for example the encryption keys) in the Pluton Processor which is separated from the rest of the device and which helps to ensure the anonymity of emergent attack tactics (e.g. speculation). Key details. Key data.

Pluton also provides a special secure hardware encryption key technology (SHACK, in its Spanish initials) which ensures that the key is never exposed to protected hardware, including Pluton firmware itself.

Pluton delivers a scalable and up-to-date firmware platform and integrates end-to-end security functions written, supported and modified by Microsoft. In the way that the Azure Sphere protection services connect to IoT computers, pulot is combined with the Windows-update mechanism for Windows PCs.