PosteMobile extends PostePay Connect offers

PostePay also agreed to keep offering its PostePay Connect line of products, which include a PosteMobile rechargeable SIM and a prepaid PostePay Evolution wallet, until April 17, 2021, subject to shift.

The offers are valid for both private customers who already have a Postepay Evolution card and those who need a new one with the Connect option, as well as private customers who need a rechargeable PosteMobile SIM card with or without portability. Let’s see what we can find out together.

PostePay Connect is now available on PosteMobile.

Starting with the monthly PostePay Connect Back, this details the annual fee of 12 euros for the PostePay Evolution and the latest PosteMobile SIM with the PosteMobile Connect Back 1 tariff package active at a monthly cost of 10 euros. The latter offers unrestricted credit for calls and SMS to all national numbers, as well as 100 gigabytes of mobile internet traffic, with monthly renewal via the PostePay Evolution card with Connect choice.

The PostePay Connect Back deal is also offered as an annual subscription, with the PostePay Evolution card still included at a rate of 12 euros per year and the PosteMobile SIM with the PosteMobile Connect Back 12 tariff package costing 100 euros a year. , which works out at around 8.33 euros a month. It comes with unlimited credits for calls and SMS to all national numbers, as well as 100 Giga of mobile internet traffic, and can be renewed monthly by charging the PostePay Evolution card with the Connect option.

Finally, the 12-month PostePay Connect rate plan is available for a fee of 70 euros per year, which includes 12 euros per year for the PostePay Evolution card and 58 euros a year (4.83 euros per month) for the 12-month PosteMobile Connect payment plan. Unlimited minutes to all national fixed and mobile phones, unlimited SMS to all national numbers, and 20 Gigabytes of internet traffic each month are included in the above. The expense of activating a SIM card and issuing a PostePay Evolution card are now on sale for 0 euros. For more details, go to the operator’s official website.