Postemobile: the latest offerings are fantastic indeed

Back on the scene is PosteMobile. Thanks to its splendid prices, the automated operator, now well established, continues to stand out . Actually, the latter depends on the WindTre network, but there appears to be a return to Vodafone. Today we’re going to chat in depth about an offer called Creami Relax 100, which honors all users’ loyalty. Below, let’s find out more about it.

The proposal is called Creami Relax 100 and is targeted at the most dedicated consumers. PosteMobile
Today, one of PosteMobile’s most significant prices is Creami Relax 100. In comparison to months of stay with the operator, this is variable. It switches depending on the stay with the provider. The cost, ultimately provides:

  • Unlimited minutes for everybody,
  • An unlimited SMS to everybody
  • 80 GB of 4G + up to 300 Mbps data traffic
  • For the first 3 renewals, € 10 a month

The monthly price decreases to 9 euros from the fourth to the eighth month, and then 8 euros from the seventh onwards.

The surprises are not over: the GBs used in the deal will no longer be 80, but 100, from the 13th renewal . An deal that is really unparalleled and can also be activated by new customers of PosteMobile. All the key services are also included in the deal, such as personal hotspot, Ti Cerco, Call Now and others.

If the operation is carried out electronically or through telephone networks, the cost of enabling the SIM is 10 euros. Alternatively, 15 euros. Current consumers can also offer a subscription: in this situation, the cost of the service adjustment is 19 euros.