PosteMobile: To the most faithful, Creami Relax 100 is back

The virtual operator, PosteMobile, is currently selling Creami Relax 100 activation to certain existing customers.

Let’s get back to learning about PosteMobile after some time. Thanks to its very unique pricing, the well-known virtual operator continues to stand out. The one we are focusing on today is called Creami Relax 100, which rewards users’ loyalty.

The comparison point for many apps has long been PosteMobile. The operator is currently dependent on the WindTre network, although it is planned to return to Vodafone . Now let’s figure out what the deal previously listed entails.

For the most loyal clients, PosteMobile supplies Creami Calm 100

One of PosteMobile’s famous prices now is Creami Relax 100. In accordance with the months of stay with the operator, this turned out to be changeable. Basically, it contains unlimited minutes for everyone, unlimited messages for everyone and up to 300 Mbps of 80 GB of 4G + internet traffic. For the first 3 renewals, all for just 10 euros a month. The monthly price falls to 9 euros from the fourth to the eighth and to just 8 euros from the seventh onwards.

It doesn’t stop here the GB used in the deal will no longer be 80 but 100 from the 13th renewal! What can I say, an offer that is really compelling. The promotion The promotion can be triggered by all new customers of PosteMobile. All the most relevant services, such as personal hotspot, I am searching for you, Call Now, etc., are also included in the monthly cost of the rate.

If you carry out the operation electronically or via the telephone channel, there is an activation and SIM cost of 10 EUR, otherwise 15 EUR. Current consumers can offer a subscription as well. The cost of modifying the plan is EUR 19 in this situation. Look out for all the updates on this.