Preview of Apple Conference in November

What else is there besides Mac computers equipped with Apple silicon ?

Saturday, November 7, 2020, 2:06 GMT

Apple ‘s third press conference in the fall of 2020 will take place on November 10, local time, according to international media outlets. In September and October of this year, Apple has already held two conferences, introducing the latest iPad, Apple Watch, iPhone 12 series smartphones and HomePod mini, respectively. The content of the conference in November is expected to be related to Mac computers.

This Apple conference will announce the first batch of Mac computers built on the ARM chip architecture. Apple can, however, offer one or two additional surprises. All the details about Apple’s November conference is below.

The first Mac machines to be powered by Apple Silicon

Rumors have long been raised about Apple ‘s intention to introduce a Mac device based on the architecture of the ARM chip. Apple publicly revealed the news at the Global Developers Conference held in June this year. To replace Intel chips currently used in computers, future Mac computers will use Apple silicon chips.

The self-designed Apple silicon chips from Apple are similar to the chips from the A-series found in devices like the iPhone and iPad. Apple’s first batch of silicon chips were developed by TSMC and were based on the 5-nanometer A14 chips used in the iPhone.

Apple’s silicon chip can significantly increase the efficiency of Mac computers, according to Apple, while a more energy-efficient version will prolong battery life effectively. Apple ‘s aim is to have the lowest energy consumption for Mac computers with the best possible efficiency.

Apple’s self-developed chips will provide first-class security, with the help of the Secure Enclave security system. At the same time, to achieve improved results in technical applications and sports, Apple is also developing its own GPU. To make it a perfect forum for deep learning, Apple aims to add neural engines and machine learning accelerators to Mac computers. High-quality image signal processors, high-performance DRAM, consolidated memory and acceleration of encryption would also be built into it.

Apple’s silicon chip-equipped Mac computers can combine software and hardware at a deeper stage. Apps will run across devices on Mac, iPhone and iPad as Mac machines increasingly embrace new processors. In other words, Apple Silicon equipped Mac computers would be able to run iPhone and iPad software themselves.

Within two years , Apple plans to upgrade all the built-in Mac computer processors to Apple silicon chips. There are reports that the 13-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro will be the first Mac computers fitted with Apple Silicon. It is predicted that the public will see the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air at the Apple conference in November.

There are rumors that a 16-inch MacBook laptop computer will also be released by Apple, but the development success of this computer can not be assured. The new Apple Silicon Mac device to be released is expected to suit the current style.

With a modern look and mini-LED panel technologies in 2021, Apple will announce 14.1-inch and 16.1-inch MacBook Pros. But only the processor can replace the first batch of Apple Silicon Mac computers launched this year. There are rumors that a new, smaller Mac Pro, a new Mac mini and a 24-inch iMac are all being produced by Apple, all of which will use Apple silicon chips.

Apple has not changed its built-in chip technologies since Apple moved to Intel chips from PowerPC in 2006, so the change to Apple’s silicon chips is the subject of the press conference, which will impact Mac production in the next few years. At Apple’s press conference, the Mac machine unveiled could provide the public with some insight into Mac computers’ efficiency and battery life.

Certain prospects

AirTags Apple Tracker

At the September or October meeting, the public expects Apple’s Bluetooth tracker AirTags to be revealed. At the Mac machine meeting, Apple will unveil AirTags, but it may also wait to meet with the public until next year.

With built-in Bluetooth, AirTags is a small tracker. It is easier to trace the location of missing objects by linking them with valuable yet quickly misplaced items such as wallets, cameras, and keys. In Apple’s iOS scheme, users can search the location of missing objects via the “Find” program.

The specifics about AirTags have been reflected since the iOS13 framework update, but it is still unknown what AirTags look like. AirTags can be small circular tags with built-in Bluetooth and support ultra-wideband functionality, according to some basic photos discovered in iOS. In the iPhone 11 series of smartphones, Ultra-wideband first appeared. An iPhone with an U1 chip would be able to more reliably monitor AirTags as opposed to a pure Bluetooth link.

The iPhone will be used to find its precise position in the room if the user ‘s key slips under the sofa pillow, or the wallet is kicked under the desk. AirTags can be more reliable and powerful than other Bluetooth trackers on the market with this functionality.

AirTags can come with a ring or adhesive connecting them. There are also reports that the size of a bottle cap and a key chain with a leather strap are AirTags. This may be one of the attachments for the AirTags.

There are numerous views regarding the AirTags system of charging. Some people say that a built-in rechargeable battery is required for AirTags. Another way of explaining it is that replaceable CR2032 batteries can be used for AirTags. In any event, it seems like it is possible to swap the AirTags module, and the battery life is very long.

The misplaced objects would be seen on the map of the “Find” app after connecting to AirTags. And it can be replaced by an virtual reality map depicting the location of the object while the iPhone is near to the missing item, making it easy for users to locate the lost item. AirTags will also produce noises when “Find” is operated by the user.

In the iOS 13 update, Apple has added a feature that enables Apple devices to connect with each other in an offline state. Even without a mobile phone reception or Wi-Fi connection, the main purpose of this feature is to allow the missing iPhone to send location information from the surrounding iPhone. This functionality can also be built-in to AirTags, so that millions of iPhone devices around the world will detect missing objects from users. Studio AirPods

The high-end AirPods Studio headphones from Apple

Apple will add AirPods Studio high-end over-ear headphones to the AirPods model lineup. The AirPods Studio can still appear at the November conference after skipping the September and October Apple conferences, but the chances are slim. In the other hand, the AirPods Studio is more likely to be revealed at next year’s Apple conference.

AirPods Studio has excellent sound quality and aggressive regulation of noise, which can reduce ambient noise. Other functions of this high-end headset include head and neck monitoring, which can determine if the user is wearing the headset on the head or on the neck and decide if it is possible to interrupt the replay. In addition , users can also change the headphone equalizer from Apple iOS appliances. The directional function allows the left and right ears of the wearer to be measured by AirPods Studio and the output of the channel changed.

According to reports, Apple is working on designing two different AirPods Studios. One is a higher-end model made of high-quality materials such as leather, while the other is more focused on fitness functions and is made of materials that are breathable and lighter.

There are pictures that show that AirPods Studio has long oval earmuffs on the top with gray fabric padding. The headset as a whole has a “retro” theme.

Similar to Apple Watch straps, the earmuffs and headbands of both headsets can be customized. AirPods Studio ‘s price is still inconclusive, but reports are that it may be around $349.