Proposal passed: By extension, Fedora 34 unlocks systemd-oomd

Launched this spring this year, Fedora 34 has accepted all Spin versions to allow the default out-of-memory daemon (systemd-oomd). Systemd-OOMD seeks to boost the low memory/OoM experience in Linux. To conform to the Linux desktop memory pressure situation, it is based on the code originally developed by Facebook for their Linux server.

When memory/SWAP pressure crosses a predefined threshold, systemd-OOMD is able to track resource contention and destroy selected processes.

The systemd-oomd daemon monitors and destroys OOMD-enabled cgroups depending on the use of memory pressure or swap. You can customize the actions of systemd-oomd using the new configuration file for oomd.conf. This daemon can destroy the group only if EnableOomdKill is set, because, because of memory use, it obviously does not want to randomly kill the operation.