PS5 is finally available! Expert: Sony will make money mainly on it in the future

The PlayStation 5 gaming console from Sony goes on sale today. Given that the game console industry has been the biggest growth driver for Sony in the gaming boom, this latest device’s market success is especially important.

Thursday, November 12, 2020, 9:35 GMT

The most notable product launched by Sony since the Walkman is the PlayStation series of game consoles. During the holiday shopping season, the PlayStation 5 can clash head-on with Microsoft’s new generation of Xbox. Both Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X have done very well in the market since getting the first pre-orders in September, which has also raised supply chain pressure.

For $500, PlayStation 5 sells; if you don’t have an optical disk, it’s a $100 cheaper one. Sony used to be synonymous with Walkman music players and TV sets, and one of the notable indicators of the market change of Sony is now the PlayStation gaming console. PlayStation 5 is the first brand new gaming console launched by Sony since 2013, and will be the Sony game console company’s highest priority. The PlayStation 4, its predecessor, sold 113 million units and transformed gaming into Sony’s most important business.

Not the eye-catching interface or solid internal architecture, but the handle that can give players a fresh user experience is the most exciting thing about PlayStation 5. A gentle vibration can also be transmitted by the PlayStation 5 controller to mimic multiple touches in the game. The Microsoft Xbox Series X review reveals that critical games are still missing.

This year, it is impossible for average people to purchase the PlayStation 5 directly on the market. Sony allows stores to sell to pre-order buyers only the first shipment of items. The resale price of the PlayStation 5 on the black market has risen to $871, according to analysts. Next year, as both Microsoft and Sony are trying to acquire more customers, there will be a bigger test.

“Atsushi Koyamauchi, a professor at Waseda Business School, said:” Sony must make PlayStation 5 a success as the heart of the business of the company.” “The department has the duty to become a cash cow for all stakeholders.

Sony already has strong expectations, even more than its PlayStation 4 counterpart, for this game console, partially because the crisis has brought significant increased sales to the game industry. In social media and online gaming stocks, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been the biggest players, winning from “home loneliness.”

Sony has deepened its focus on the gaming industry with the epidemic affecting video and mobile image sensor industries. The number of Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service subscribers for online multiplayer games reached a record high this summer. Data from Sony’s financial report reveals that the PlayStation company accounted for more than 40 percent of Sony’s operating income from April to September this year. Bloomberg Knowledge analyst Wakasugi Mao said that a new round of development should be caused by PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 console is set to launch today, and a new “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” title will be released by Sony.

The two firms must also overcome the manufacturing bottleneck created by the virus, after Microsoft and Sony’s two game consoles are on the market. Sony was already working hard to boost development only a few weeks before the game console went on sale and the company even planned to distribute game consoles by air to the US market.

The choice is expensive for game consoles that are still selling at a loss. Local retailers in the Japanese market argued that the allocation limit was far from adequate and Sony had to introduce a lottery to decide the allocation of goods.

Yushu Shishi, Sony Chief Financial Officer, said last month on an earnings call with investors that PlayStation 5 is facing production and logistics bottlenecks. Several people who attended the meeting said that Shishiyushu told the attendees that he should have declared a bolder and more ambitious sales target if Sony could satisfy consumer demand. Sony has recently said that it would sell 7.6 million PlayStation 5 game consoles by the end of March 2021, which is the overall PlayStation 4 sales in the year it was launched.