Public beta version 7 of Nova Launcher brings new animations and more functionality

Nova Launcher may be one of the best launchers on the Android market at the moment, but I don’t recall when Nova Launcher didn’t work on the smartphone I used last time. Since the launcher launched, it has been continuously modified for more than ten years, even to this day, with appearance and design updates that have never stopped.

The launcher, however, is still the AOSP based Launcher2 program. It has been very hard for developers to integrate new improvements into the launcher.

Nova Launcher’s next big upgrade will be version 7. It will be based on Launcher3 from AOSP. This big revision means you’ll get a lot of new changes and animations for the design. For public testing, version 7 of Nova Launcher is now available, and you can get it by going to the Discord channel.

The alteration log is as follows:

Layout of Radial Folder Icon

Scrolling Vertically Pagged Archive

Apply the falling down motion to the icon (Prime)

You will put the search bar and tab bar in the app drawer at the bottom of the

More choices for Nova’s search window and bar

Service of Save APK pop-up menu

It should be remembered that this change log is only the content introduced by the initial beta, and does not include the latest enhancements, which means that more features will be provided by future versions and final versions.