Python continues to be popular

That development language”software development”software development”That development language” This article is based on the “Programming Language Fact-finding Survey” questionnaire administered and “COBOL” is that language. It was ranked first in “Language that I don’t think I need to improve my skills in the future” in the previous two polls, and it can be seen that it is no longer the unpopular rating.

In 2019, Python will continue to be popular. Linked articles such as “How to extract and process Excel data with Python, which finally showed the path of”de-VBA”” (2nd place), “No programming required, the future indicated by Python” (5th place) entered the ranking a lot. “JavaScript”JavaScript.

The hot stock is “low code development” when looking at the growth style. He commented on the upgrade of PaaS to promote progress in “Why is” low-code growth “boom with Google and AWS also participating?” (9th place). Even Japanese businesses rushing to DX can build low-code growth by business personnel who in the future are not IT engineers.