Qiwi paid 130 million for the Utilities Tycoons Tech Platform

Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 11:53 GMT

Qiwi spent 129 million rubles. for the transfer of developers and the acquisition of codes for the payment system for housing and communal services “Billing Online” and dispatch systems “Open City”. On their basis, Qiwi is creating an online platform for consumers and utility providers.

How much Qiwi paid for the rights to Billing Online and Open City products

The Qiwi payment system disclosed the details of the acquisition of rights to the Billing Online and Open City software products, as well as the transfer of the developers of these products to itself. The amount of transactions amounted to 139 million rubles. Of this amount, 50 million rubles. were paid at the time of the transaction, 79 million rubles. are deferred payment.

As a result of the transactions, Qiwi formed a new subsidiary – Billing Online Solutions, registered in Yekaterinburg, to which the said assets were transferred. It was headed by Denis Gribkov, head of the department for the development of electronic and online services at Qiwi .

What does Billing Online do?

Billing Online is a Yekaterinburg company established in 2008. The company has developed a cloud technology for calculating payments for utility and energy services. According to the Kontur-Focus database, its founders were Vasily Bragin , Vladimir Ryabkov , Alexander Salnikov and Ivan Kosmynin .

What is the Open City platform for and who created it?

“Open City” is a dispatching system that connects city residents, management companies and contractors on one online platform. The project was created by a group of companies from the Republic of Tatarstan Fix, owned by the former adviser to the mayor of Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan) Dmitry Eremeev .

Qiwi spent 129 million rubles. for the purchase of software products “Billing Online” and “Open City”

The Open City project was launched in 2008 with the participation of the Kazan Mayor’s Office. In the capital of the republic, the platform serves 87% of the housing stock. In addition to Kazan, the platform is used in 10 more cities, including Grozny, Nizhny Novgorod and Gorno-Altaysk.

Thanks to the Open City platform, the consumer of housing and communal services can, through his personal account, receive basic information about his managing organization, all his own applications with claims and requests, and can also transfer meter readings directly in the system. The contact center operator, using the service, fills out the form for submitting a new application on behalf of the resident and sees the entire list of applications on behalf of the resident and sees the entire list of applications and contacts of the manager of the managing organization.

The dispatcher also has its own workstation with the ability to assign orders to a contractor and view a report on its implementation. Among other things, this forms a large array of data, based on which you can see the statistics of applications broken down by managing organizations, contractors, districts, municipalities, types of work and objects.

Bogdan Ababkov, deputy general director of the Fix group, explained to Biznes-Gazeta, published in Tatarstan, that the sale of rights to the Open City is connected with a change in the priorities of the group, which intends to focus not on government projects, but on product expertise and commercial solutions. The employees of the Fix group, who were involved in the Open City project, went to work at Qiwi without moving: the payment system specially opened an office in Kazan.

At the same time, the Open Kazan project, launched by the Fix group with the participation of the Kazan Mayor’s Office on the basis of the Open City platform, did not become part of the deal with Qiwi. The Kazan authorities have the right to receive the necessary statistical and analytical information from this platform, for which they entered into an agreement with the Fix group. A similar agreement was planned to be concluded with the Qiwi group, Iskander Giniyatullin, deputy head of the Kazan executive committee, told Business Gazeta .

Qiwi plans

According to Qiwi’s plans, Billing Online Solutions will offer organizations in the housing and utilities sector (management companies, homeowners associations, resource supplying organizations, settlement centers) automated services for creating and maintaining a database of personal accounts, premises and houses, accounting for housing services and utilities, receiving dispatch requests at the municipal level and organizing advanced methods of receiving and managing payments. The population, in turn, will receive a single service with the ability to pay for housing and communal services online and send applications to management companies to provide additional services.