Re-exposure of Google Android 12: use a clipboard access notification close to iOS 14

According to XDA-Developers, Google expects to add a new notification when Android 12 is released later this year, which will alert users when an app accesses the clipboard. Apple added a tiny banner to the top of the iPhone and iPad in the iOS 14 scheme. iOS 14 can alert the user if the software accesses the contents of the clipboard. One of iOS 14’s latest privacy features is clipboard control notification.

Unlike iOS and iPadOS 14, this new feature will be optional, according to the screenshots released by XDA. “Show clipboard access permissions” will “display a message when the app accesses the text, picture, or other content you copied,” according to Google.

Clipboard access alerts have proved to be useful to users since the release of iOS 14. Many users are waking up to the fact that many famous apps are secretly accessing their clipboard info. Since then, most programs have patched “vulnerabilities,” as they’re known.