Renesas is a new product of Arm microcomputer that enables touchless operation 10 cm away

The CPU core is the Arm Cortex-M23, which runs at 48MHz, and has 20 products with various memory capacities, peripheral circuits, bundles, and operating temperature levels. Renesas Electronics has unveiled a new ‘RA2L1 Group’ product of the Arm Core Integrated Microcomputer ‘RA Family.’

22:29 GMT, Friday, December 4, 2020

The largest aspect of the new device, according to the manufacturer, is the capacitive touch / touchless sensing capability. In the case of touch sensing, plastic panels and glass panels reaching 10 mm can be sensed and can be used for household appliances with thick doors and partitions. For durability with limited sensing defects, contact noise immunity satisfies the criteria of IEC/EN61000-4-3 Level 4 (radiation immunity) and IEC/EN61000-4-6 Level 3 (conduction immunity). It is claimed that high efficiency can be attained.

Also it is possible to detect the location of the hand up to 10 cm away from the sensor by applying the reference concept for touchless operation currently under development. This allows close-range non-contact operations and 3D movements to be treated, which helps improve hygiene and protection. For its own CPU core microcomputer (RX113, RX231, etc the company is designing and offering a reference design that can detect the location of the hand up to 20 cm away from the sensor and this reference design technology is a new product. The reference design is added to it.

RA2L1 has a maximum of 256K bytes of flash memory (capable of erasing / writing 1 million times), 32K bytes of SRAM, 12-bit AD converter, Integrate oscillators, temperature sensors, etc. with a minor error of 1.0 percent in addition to the capacitive touch / touchless sensing feature unit. Its low power consumption is another feature of the new product. The operational current is 64 μA / MHz, for instance. The standby current is as minimal as 250nA, but as short as 5μs is the wakeup time.

The “EEMBC ULP Mark” benchmark power consumption assessment has a core profile (CP) score of 304 when powered at 1.8V and “achieves the lowest power consumption in the industry” (Renesas). It is possible to increase the battery life of battery-powered IoT computers.

The RA2L1’s power supply voltage is 1.6 to 5.5V. Different kits of 48 to 100 pins are prepared. The atmospheric temperature range for the operation is -40 to + 105 ° C or -40 to + 85 ° C. Of mass manufacturing at present. For growth, several types of assessment kits are available.