Review of “LIFEBOOK UH-X / E3”, a 13.3-inch notebook PC weighing only 634g

In November 2020, the 13.3-inch portable notebook “LIFEBOOK UH-X/E3″ launched by Fujitsu Client Computing, claiming to be the lightest 13.3-inch large LCCD-equipped notebook PC in the world (according to testing carried out at the Company)” was also impressive, but it is claimed that the LIFEBOOK UH-X/E3 is 634 g. So let’s see it straight away. I borrowed a sample.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 19:37 GMT

I tested a variety of laptops, including those from other firms, which claim to be ultra-lightweight. I was shocked at her lightness several times, but it was the most shocking surprise ever. “I’m not a mockup without any contents” was so light that I was a little worried?

Reduced weight by volume elimination and carbon adoption
The UH-X/E3 LIFEBOOK is 64 g lighter than the UH-X/D2 LIFEBOOK. Provided that after several years of work to minimize weight, we were able to build the lightest model in the world, 64g is by no means a minor benefit. The weight of a substance which has decreased to 600g by 64g is substantially reduced.

The lower footprint contributed to a further decrease in weight. The narrow frame decreases the volume, reducing and lightening the overall body content. The less the body, the higher the stiffness.

In addition, carbon fibers are made of the top plate of the LIFEBOOK UH-X / E3. This is also a vital ingredient in decreasing weight. Naturally it is a numerical value obtained by a careful inspection of the components and a rigorous design. Perhaps the next attempt is made by the production team to hit level 500g.

The fulfillment of connectors is fantastic
In terms of appearance, what I paid attention to was the extensive expansion ports and slots. It has two USB Type-C ports (one of which is used for charging) and two USB Type-A ports. It’s crazy that there are 4 ports in all. The USB Type-C port, regrettably, is a USB 3.2 (Gen2) port which supports not Thunderbolt but DisplayPort Alt Mode.

There is also an SD card slot and an HDMI connector. In these days, the growing number of notebook pcs fitted with a microSD card slot would make users who take pictures with an SD card a welcome member. It also has a wired, enterprise users-friendly LAN port. Generally, if you reduce the number of ports, you can reduce the weight, so it can be said that it is a great configuration.