Rockstar Games promises more single player content from GTA Online

GTA Online will be able to focus on a variety of new content produced by Rockstar Games for solo players.

The gaming realms of GTA V and GTA Online are entangled in the design of Rockstar Sports . What occurs in the first affects the second and brings the whole experience of the game to life. To enhance the engagement, there are frequent comparisons to the main characters and different incidents.

Players, though, differently treat the two realms . The single player title is GTA V, while the multiplayer adventure is, by definition, GTA Online. This differentiation is, obviously, bound to vanish and the first signs are already there.

We have already spoken about the strategic value for GTA Online of the latest DLC “The Cayo Perico Heist” By giving players the opportunity to complete a solo hit for the first time, Rockstar Games started revolutionizing the title.

GTA Online would have more material which can be played solo.

This move could only be the beginning of GTA Online’s far bigger and more organized strategy. There will be more material designed for solo gamers, according to the words of Scott Butchard, Design Director of the gaming environment at Rockstar Games .

It is an alternative that is unique and brave. GTA Online is designed specifically to put diverse players together, make them cooperate or challenge each other. Introducing material that can even be played on its own should not misrepresent the word, nevertheless.

In truth, we should presume that the option of involving friends or doing it alone will still be offered to users. All that remains is waiting for more updates on Rockstar Games’ next move, which will definitely not be long in coming.