Russian courts switch from Microsoft Office to Russian office software

Tuesday, October 13, 2020, 11:53 GMT

For the first time, Russian federal courts of general jurisdiction and other users of GAS “Pravosudie” will start working on their PCs with the domestic office software “My Office”. Until now, all of their computers have only been equipped with Microsoft Office. At the same time, at the OS level, courts will continue to use various versions of Windows, including XP.

“My office” for courts

As it became known to CNews, the domestic office suite “My Office” will appear on the PC in Russian federal courts of general jurisdiction, the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court and its regional offices, as well as in the Information and Analytical Center (IAC) of this department (aka the Information and Analytical GAS support center “Justice”). This follows from the data posted on the public procurement website, and the comments of the developer of the specified software – the company “New cloud technologies”.

As a source who is well aware of the processes of informatization in the Russian judicial system told CNews, earlier in the mentioned organizations only office software Microsoft Office was used.

The delivery of 12,650 packages of Russian software in them will be carried out by Aitonika following the results of the completed thematic tender. It was launched by IAC on September 3, 2020 in the format of an electronic auction with a starting price of a lot of 162.4 million rubles. In addition to Aitonika, there were no other applicants for the state row, so on October 12, the contract with it was signed by the customer without reducing its initial price.

Users of GAS “Pravosudie” are switching to Russian office software

In the terms of reference, a specific developer of office software was not registered. At the same time, the document cited the provisions of the Government Decree No. 1236 of November 16, 2015 on the establishment of a ban on the admission of foreign software to public procurement. In accordance with this document, when purchasing software, government agencies should primarily focus on the Register of Domestic Software under the Ministry of Digital Development. In addition to “My Office”, it now contains two more packages – “P7-Office” of the Nizhny Novgorod company “New Communication Technologies” and “Zircon-Office” of the Svemel enterprise. The third potential competitor, AlterOffice of Almi Partner, was expelled from the register in November 2019 , but should soon be returned to it by court order.

Representatives of the developer of this package confirmed to CNews that “Aytonika” offered to supply to courts exactly “My Office”. At the same time, they indicated that the purchase took place in connection with the implementation of the IAC of the Judicial Department’s plan for the transfer of all components of the GAS “Justice” to domestic software.

What and for which PCs is purchased

From the terms of reference it follows that the replacement of foreign office software will not take place directly. “My Office” will be deployed on newly acquired computers.

An employee of New Cloud Technologies told CNews that during the execution of the contract, the product “My Office Standard” will be delivered with the right to update within three years. “The number of licenses matches the number of new workstations purchased this year,” he added. – The deployment of solutions at the automation facilities of GAS “Justice” will be carried out by the end of 2020 “.

Note that in total GAS “Justice” includes about 120 thousand jobs. Therefore, if, when buying new equipment, old PCs with Microsoft packages are written off in the same volume, then we can talk about 10% import substitution.

According to the developer’s description, “My Office Standard” includes word and spreadsheet editors, as well as an application for working with presentations, e-mail, calendars and address books. The product has been certified by the FSTEC and the Ministry of Defense.

According to the aforementioned CNews source, the IAC of the Judicial Department carried out the first tests of My Office that had not received development a few years ago. The head of the IAC Leonid Yukhnevich indirectly confirms these data.

“IAC started working with My Office software back in 2016,” he says. – It is important for us that “My Office” products can be integrated with all subsystems of GAS “Justice”, and the developer not only undertook to provide us with voluntary assistance in this, but also integrated his solutions with the electronic document management subsystem we use, while maintaining functional continuity of all the existing processes ”.

Microsoft remains in the courts at the OS level

Despite the fact that “My Office” is ready to work with Russian operating systems, in particular “Alt” and Astra Linux, in the judicial system it will probably have to deal with Microsoft OS.

In the terms of reference for office software, the customer indicated that the purchased software must operate under Windows versions XP, 7, 8.1 and 10. Domestic operating systems are not mentioned in the procurement documents.

There are no Russian chips on PCs in the judicial system either. At least, the procurement noted technical requirements that exclude them. In particular, the processor frequency for the purchased software is determined to be no less than 2 GHz. Russian developers do not have such serial products yet.