Russian media: US court upholds ruling that WeChat can be downloaded in the app store

Saturday, October 24, 2020, 9:05 GMT

San Francisco District Court Judge Laurel Beeler dismissed the Department of Justice’s most recent appeal on Friday, local time, and upheld its decision in early September banning the elimination of WeChat from US app stores such as Apple and Google. Save. Except.

Judge Biller claimed that her opinion of WeChat was not changed by the recent information submitted by the government. The Justice Department recently alleged that WeChat was targeting US national security. In the United States, WeChat has 19 million active regular users. Among Chinese students, Americans living in China, and many Americans in China who have personal or business relationships, it is common.

WeChat is a mobile all-in-one application which combines Facebook, WhatsApp , Instagram and Venmo-like services. In the everyday lives of many people in China, this software is an invaluable platform and claims to have more than 1 billion users.

The Department of Justice of the United States has referred to the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on the decision of Judge Biller to allow users to continue using WeChat, but it is unlikely that a verdict will be made before December.

Last month, in a complaint brought by WeChat users, Judge Biller suspended a US Department of Commerce order set to take effect on September 20, ordering WeChat from the US App Store to be deleted. The order of the Commerce Department would also forbid other purchases between the United States and WeChat, which in the United States can make the software inaccessible.

Many WeChat users claim that the U.S. government is pursuing a “unprecedented ban on the whole networking platform,” and only “speculations” have been made about the harm of WeChat by Americans.

In a related situation, the United States appeals court decided to expedite the government’s appeal against a decision that suspended the government’s order to ban the download from the US App Store of the short video sharing app TikTok.