Russian National Aerospace Corporation said that a leak was found in the Russian “Star” module of the International Space Station

9.30.2020- 9:16 a.m ksa

In 30 September. According to a Russian Satellite Network article on the 29th, a spokesman for the Russian National Aerospace Company said that a leak was detected in the International Space Station’s Russian ‘Star’ module and the malfunction will be fixed in the immediate future. The spokesman confirmed that the present situation would not pose a challenge to the astronauts’ health and safety at the International Space Station.

Data map: American astronauts Christopher Cassidy (left) and Robert Benken will step off from the International Space Station on June 26 and July 1 for two replacement battery spacewalks, announced on June 24 , 2020. The photo shows the two space suits that are being prepared. Source image: Visual China

According to sources, the spokesman said: “After examination and investigation, it was found that the air leak from the space station was located in the” Star “cabin of Russia.” There was primarily science testing equipment in the service cabin. The service cabin compartment leakage has been removed.

He said that the exact position of the leak is under investigation. “The present situation does not pose a risk to the health and welfare of astronauts on the International Space Station, nor does it impede the flight of the International Space Station,” he also pointed out.

Russian astronauts Anatoly Ivanishin, Ivan Wagner and Christopher Cassidy, an American astronaut, are currently on service at the International Space Station.

The air leak does not exist on the space station for the first time. There was a gas leak found on the International Space Station as early as 2018. Upon review, on the ‘Soyuz MS-09’ spacecraft docked with the International Space Station, the workers discovered a hole about 2 mm in diameter.