Samsung’s intolerable low memory price would limit DRAM capital investment in 2021

For PC players, 2020 can be viewed as a feast. The arrival of breakout products such as Zen3 processor, Ampere and RDNA2 GPU has prompted players to boil over and over again with excitement. Around the same time, the constant decrease in the memory price often enables certain players to enjoy 64 GB or even 128 GB of memory beforehand. The 32 GB actual incense stick double 12 is only 70.26 United States Dollar, for instance, and 128 GB is only 275.52 United States Dollar. You know that you can only purchase 16GB of RAM for 275.52 United States Dollarin 2018.

The players are happy, but the semiconductor producers involved are not so happy. The first DRAM maker who can’t support it is Samsung.

Samsung aims to hold DRAM capital spending at the 2020 level in 2021, but will transform some DRAM production lines to image sensor production lines, according to the news published by the Korean media ‘MoneyToday’ on Thursday (December 31, 2020). In other words, capital investment on DRAM in 2021 is likely going to be smaller than in 2020.

Another big South Korean producer, SK Hynix, also holds a cautious stance towards investing in DRAM, but will boost capital spending on foundries and NAND.

Affected by this news, on Thursday, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix competitor Micron increased by more than 4%, Witten Electronics grew by more than 10%, and Colin R&D semiconductor equipment factory dropped by more than 3%.

It is predictable that the key trend of the memory industry in 2021 will be price hikes. Cherish the moment at the present low price!